Monday, 22 February 2010

Tea-tastic Monday Mood Boards

  1. Patience by Smile and Go
  2. Teacup Earrings by TillyBloom
  3. Vintage Modern Tea Party by Lindsayart
  4. I Heart Tea Print by StephanieFizer
  5. Kata Golda Tea Set on Fawn&Forest
  6. Orange Teapot by iheartlinen
  7. Keep Calm And Drink Tea by Keep Calm Posters
  8. Selena And Demi on
  9. Winter Cups by marywibis
  10. Tea Print by Michele Maule
  11. Red Tea Cup Buttons by SewingRabbit
  12. Little Birds Tea Set by aedrieloriginals
  13. Tea For Two by Block Party Prints
  14. Packaging UQAM  by packaginguqam
  15. Tea Heart tea towel by Mr.PS
  16. Cafe Culture Tea Towel by Mr.PS


  1. What a pret-tea mood board! My favorite pictures are 3) love the polka dots on the girl's dress, 6)the orange kettle paired w/ orange patterned fabrics, 7) Keep Calm and Drink Tea sign (I have a shirt with Keep Calm and Carry On), and 14) i could use a cup of Green Berry Tea right now! You have a really lovely blog, by the way!

  2. The teacup earrings are so charming! i want them!

  3. i think i need to go make myself a cup of tea right now!!! doesn't a good cup of tea just make you feel cozy, warm and happy? i think i might have found inspiration for my next painting. :) thanks for sharing! by the way, i am absolutely obsessed with pattern.

  4. That little bird tea set is so adorable!

  5. those little bird tea bags are darling!

  6. Oooh...what gorgeous imagery! Lovin' the birds teapot set and the little teacup earrings! :)


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