Monday, 22 February 2010

Tea-tastic Monday Mood Boards

  1. Patience by Smile and Go
  2. Teacup Earrings by TillyBloom
  3. Vintage Modern Tea Party by Lindsayart
  4. I Heart Tea Print by StephanieFizer
  5. Kata Golda Tea Set on Fawn&Forest
  6. Orange Teapot by iheartlinen
  7. Keep Calm And Drink Tea by Keep Calm Posters
  8. Selena And Demi on
  9. Winter Cups by marywibis
  10. Tea Print by Michele Maule
  11. Red Tea Cup Buttons by SewingRabbit
  12. Little Birds Tea Set by aedrieloriginals
  13. Tea For Two by Block Party Prints
  14. Packaging UQAM  by packaginguqam
  15. Tea Heart tea towel by Mr.PS
  16. Cafe Culture Tea Towel by Mr.PS

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Fashion Illustration

I'm back at uni now, which is great! especially having a bit more direction to my web viewing. I have been looking at illustration this week, so here are a few of the fashion illustrations which I have come across and love.

David Downton

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lovely Red

I was feeling a little cold today our heating is broken, so i thought i would make my post for today something 'warm'. So here are some of the lovely Red images that i have come across that I love and make me happy.

  1. Karlie Kloss Vogue US from  Kelli Jo.'s photostream
  2. By focal dilemma
  3. Imagens de Russian Red
  4. By manuel loureiro
  5. Libres Librodo Jr.
  6. Mister and Miss Sweetie Pie by The Black Apple
  7. Dream by Foxline
  8. Sestière di San Marco, Murano, Italy on
  9. Amayaru by June Leeloo
  10. Keep Calm and carry on typophile
  11. Little Lost Redcap Illustration by Joy Ang.
  12. Donantes/Donors by PinkInuit
  13. Umbrella Sky by blackeri
  14.  Let It Be by Blenda Studio

Saturday, 6 February 2010

First Post

I thought I would start my new blog with something else new. This is our new kitten Zebedee. He is a genius on the computer(took me hours to work out how to fix what he did last time he walked over my laptop). He has a thing for pink, bags and carries a pair of pink socks or a pink toothbrush around with him everywhere. Which he talks to constantly, we have offered toys and other colours, but he ignores them. So in short he is very cute but a bit strange.

Welcome to my new blog, will get some proper post together soon and don't worry this won't be a blog about my cat- I promise!

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